You didn’t ask to be born but here you are.

You didn’t ask to be born but here you are. You have to suffer death at some point in time. Thankfully we got to live but time will get us all. It’s in the manner in which we die that is uncertain. Some go by cancer, some by crime, the lucky ones go by age. Cancer can kiss my ever-loving ass and murderers are the scum of the earth. I’ve had a family member go by both, one of a gunshot for just stopping to help a stranded motorist. My mom is now fighting cancer and my sister got her the best help possible. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is by far the best place you could go to get help. Get tested, and get it done often. If something feels wrong, go get a test done. The earlier they catch it the better your chance. We may not be able to control when we die but most of us can choose how we die. Give to cancer charities and never forget to give to St. Judes.