Stop calling Federal Judges.

Apparently there’s quite a few of you out there that have decided that calling a federal judge to complane about the current vaping industry is a good thing to do. It is not, all you’re doing is upsetting them and hurting our case. Please stop calling federal judges. I am going to post a link to a video that you need to watch. The video is from Nick Green also known as GrimmGreen, he can explain the situation far better than I can.

Vapers we need to unite!

There is a movie coming out about the vape industry and I thank everyone needs to see it, not just vapers but the general public. Finally someone with the balls to show you how the would works. This is a link to their facebook page ABillionLives. Just watch their trailer for the film and you will see what I’m talking about. If you don’t believe what it is saying I feel sorry for you, get your head out of the sand and wake up to how the world works.

HR 2058 and other news.

Please ask you house of representatives to support HR 2058. I lost a friend that was more like a brother to me a few weeks back.
I’m finding that hard to get over. I have also lost the use of my right leg completely at this point. I knew it was coming but was
not ready for it to come so soon. I’ll start work on my videos soon I hope. Life should normalize shortly and I can get to work on them.

Please support HR2058 and contact your rep. Or visit CASAA about the FDA regs

Please support the HR2058 bill, it will force the FDA to reconsider the reg’s that they just released that would all but ban vaping. We need more people to join us in getting more reps to co-sponsor the bill to get it on the floor of the house.
CASAA msg to your rep.

The time to act is now and I have provided you with the best link for you to do just that. If you smoke cigars or cigarets you need to get in on this as well as the FDA is trying to tell us all that they know what is best for us. We are not a nanny state and don’t need someone we have never met tell us how to live our lives.

Get on the ball people

We really need people to get busy doing this from every state. Just take the time to fill out the form and the web page will do the rest. There is no need to know who your reps are, they already have you covered with the click of one button. BTW, this deeming regulation is going to impact more that just vaping, if you like freedom from the government telling you they know better how to live your life than you do than you better read the rules set forth from the FDA and sign the petition.