Monthly ass hole company award!

I hate that the first ever complaint is for youtube. YouTube is the company that prompted me to do this in the first place.
I’ll make this short and to the point for my first write-up just so I can get use to this and maybe whoever sees this can get
a handle on how it works. I could use help from people if you are willing. Send me an email telling me what you would like to see.
YouTube has decided that I like watching video’s in full screen and told me I never would like to change my mind. I want my choice
back. You may have your numbers but you will also lose those numbers if you keep pushing your ideas and beliefs on people. History
is a great teacher. It’s not hard to find a long list of company’s that have failed because they followed the numbers instead of
the customers wish or freedom. I know you could lose 100,000 + and never notice but it will grow as you open the market for others
to fill the hole you left by your tasteless decision.
Why not just show us the video in full screen and show us the video’s you want us to watch? You are being a fascist company so
why not take it that one step further and complete the process. You know that’s what you want anyway so go on and do it!
This is just what the people of the world want, someone to hold our hand and do all the thinking for us because we don’t know
better and don’t know what’s good for us but big company’s do. Company’s like this piss me off!!!