Christmas and New Year’s. Glad to be alive.

I’m glad to be alive and thankful my family made it one more year. Christmas this year was good but with death looming over us made it fill way different than it ever has. I expect to lose a family member or two with whom I am very close too. It’s going to suck but I have been in harder places than this and have not failed to keep moving on. For anyone or anyone’s family that has been through what I have, I do really fill for you. Keep strong this year and keep moving on. God is with you and God does love you even when it feels like you could blame him for it all. Don’t, that’s the contract we signed with God. You knew he would be calling you back home at some point just as he has done with everyone else. The street lights are on and it’s time to go home.

Author: mer8771

A stay at home disabled dad. I use web coding as a means to help distract my mind from the pain I'm in. The pills I have don't work as intended and there is nothing more that can be done for me.

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