Deaths in the family and health deteriorating once again.

It’s looking like I’ll never get things going here. I’ve lost a few family members in the last month, 3 to be exact and it’s taking its toll on me. I’ve not given up but I have been set back, depression is getting to me and my pancreas is acting up once again. If it’s not one thing it’s the other. As far as the website and blog site goes, I own them until my demise or 2019. I’m not sure if I’ll post up until my death or not. My wife has instructions on how to shut everything down and take all my sites offline. I’m not planning on going anytime soon but I’ve been told to be ready and have things in order so this is part of that. When I feel I can handle it I will get back to posting and working on the sites. Good luck and I hope to be writing again soon.
Here is some info on my conditions.
I have chronic pancreatitis and neuropathy in my lower back starting at L5 S1. That just means that my nerves are dying from my waist down, I’m in pain 24-7 and getting sleep is hard for me. Concentration is very hard as well.

Author: mer8771

A stay at home disabled dad. I use web coding as a means to help distract my mind from the pain I'm in. The pills I have don't work as intended and there is nothing more that can be done for me.

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