The holy grail and how to find it.

The grail can be found, everyone has the ability to find it. It is many different things, it is what you need it to be. That’s why it’s The holy grail, and how to find it is in you. The quest to find it starts with you and why you need it. You may never find it but if you start the quest you have already found the path that will take you to it. To search for it, to even begin the search you make a commitment. There is a passage in a book and that passage is, if you look for me you will find me. I am in everything, a splinter of wood, the rock you turn over, the person you just greeted. The search is greater than the object it’s self.

So you think you are a victim and entitled?

So you think you are a victim and entitled? Congratulations, you have been brainwashed. If you would just take a minute and think about what’s going on you would see a different world. You are only a victim of what you have done, and you can change that. In fact, you are the only one who can change that for yourself. No one owes you a damn thing! Get out there and earn it, step up to the plate and get what you want by working for it. If you want it bad enough you will find a way to get it. Now you must give most of it away because other people want it too and you now have it so give it to them or open your damn eye’s! Your life, liberties, and country are being taken away from you. I can tell you that what’s going on will not last that long before people decide they have had enough and fix the problem. I hope it’s by a vote but I’m starting to feel like it not going to be that easy. Good luck to all that don’t understand what I’m saying. Make a choice because one is coming and you better chose right or your way of life will be over.

You didn’t ask to be born but here you are.

You didn’t ask to be born but here you are. You have to suffer death at some point in time. Thankfully we got to live but time will get us all. It’s in the manner in which we die that is uncertain. Some go by cancer, some by crime, the lucky ones go by age. Cancer can kiss my ever-loving ass and murderers are the scum of the earth. I’ve had a family member go by both, one of a gunshot for just stopping to help a stranded motorist. My mom is now fighting cancer and my sister got her the best help possible. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is by far the best place you could go to get help. Get tested, and get it done often. If something feels wrong, go get a test done. The earlier they catch it the better your chance. We may not be able to control when we die but most of us can choose how we die. Give to cancer charities and never forget to give to St. Judes.

Christmas and New Year’s. Glad to be alive.

I’m glad to be alive and thankful my family made it one more year. Christmas this year was good but with death looming over us made it fill way different than it ever has. I expect to lose a family member or two with whom I am very close too. It’s going to suck but I have been in harder places than this and have not failed to keep moving on. For anyone or anyone’s family that has been through what I have, I do really fill for you. Keep strong this year and keep moving on. God is with you and God does love you even when it feels like you could blame him for it all. Don’t, that’s the contract we signed with God. You knew he would be calling you back home at some point just as he has done with everyone else. The street lights are on and it’s time to go home.

Monthly ass hole company award!

I hate that the first ever complaint is for youtube. YouTube is the company that prompted me to do this in the first place.
I’ll make this short and to the point for my first write-up just so I can get use to this and maybe whoever sees this can get
a handle on how it works. I could use help from people if you are willing. Send me an email telling me what you would like to see.
YouTube has decided that I like watching video’s in full screen and told me I never would like to change my mind. I want my choice
back. You may have your numbers but you will also lose those numbers if you keep pushing your ideas and beliefs on people. History
is a great teacher. It’s not hard to find a long list of company’s that have failed because they followed the numbers instead of
the customers wish or freedom. I know you could lose 100,000 + and never notice but it will grow as you open the market for others
to fill the hole you left by your tasteless decision.
Why not just show us the video in full screen and show us the video’s you want us to watch? You are being a fascist company so
why not take it that one step further and complete the process. You know that’s what you want anyway so go on and do it!
This is just what the people of the world want, someone to hold our hand and do all the thinking for us because we don’t know
better and don’t know what’s good for us but big company’s do. Company’s like this piss me off!!!

Life is getting in the way.

My life is getting in the way of me continuing to write on this blog and it’s just a way for me to vent anyway. I’ll be taking the site down soon as I really don’t have time for it anymore. I have huge life-changing events going on and no I’ll not talk about them. Good luck to all and I do hope you can have a nice life and continue having a nice life. Just be happy, it helps far more than you know.

The state of life.

Life, we all do things that are wrong in the state of life in which we live. I’ve done things I regret, I’ve never intentionally harmed another human in my life. I’ve never forced a human to do something they didn’t want to do, I grow up under that kind of oppression and I’m not willing to forward that to another human. Some people like to state falsehoods on another person as a retaliatory act to gain some measure of self-worth. In their mind, they are punishing you for a perceived wrong they believe you perpetrated against them. That’s an affront to God, He will have his say in the end. I know there is a God, I will be able to stand with my head held high on my judgment. I don’t fear another human and his judgment or accusations from another human. I know what I did and if you can’t tell if a human is lying then why try to explain yourself to them, they have already passed judgment upon you. I will not let others control me, especially the ones who wont to retaliate against what I have said or done, what they perceive I have done to harm them. Want proof, look at the large diverse group of people that call me friend and ask them why they all come to me for help. I will tell you how I see life regardless of what you may think about it. I will help all that I can in life regardless of how bad I know it will end. No good deed goes unpunished. I’m a walking example of that. I’ve never had good fortune bestowed upon me for any good deed I’ve done. I always suffer in the end and I will not stop the way I live. I will always help, I will always be there for people regardless of how they have wronged me. Turn the other cheek and keep on living the way that you can hold your head high.

Come on people!

We need to wake up! Come on people we can do this. It may take a little time and a lot of effort but we can start fixing this country. Do you think this country got to were it was without work, or by the hands of people that worked hard? I’m not sure where to start so I began with contacting my house of representatives and the Senate. If they get a lot of people writing in and or calling they will listen, might not care but you could be the one to plant the seed.
Find your representatives
Find your Senator